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Programme in International Agricultural Engineering Degree

Programme in International Agricultural Engineering Degree

The Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Chalon-sur-SaĂ´ne, Vesoul Agrocampus and Agrosup Dijon in France, the Institute of Technology TRALEE in Ireland as well as the University of Bologna in Italy are developing a one year international postgraduate programme in agricultural machinery. The main objective is to equip students with highly specialized competences and solid transversal skills all embedded in an international dimension.

Students will originate from the French licence degree in Agriculture or a B.Sc in Agricultural Mechanization. They will have skills in agriculture, mechanical engineering, Agriculture Equipment science and techniques.
Students will move across the three countries rotating each quarter in one of the Partner Institutions, including a 3 month internship experience.
At the end of the programme they will get the necessary professional qualifications for playing important roles in the main industries operating in the sector.

Aims of the training

The main objective of the DE International Agricultural Engineering course is to train bilingual professionals able to integrate all types of companies or agricultural structures engaged in international commercial, technical or training activities.
Through an intensive learning of the English language, this training aims to prepare specialists adaptable to the specificities of the EU and international markets in a multicultural context.

On successful completion of the Degree, the learner will be able to:

  • adapt in a non-French speaking country
  • interact with international partners
  • understand the specific economic interactions to agro-equipment
  • gain increased technical and scientific skills in fields relating to research, innovation, design and development of agricultural machinery.


First Trimester (Sept-Nov) – Ireland

Design & control
  • Design of agricultural machines FEA/CAE/CFD
  • Agri-mechanics (emissions, can bus, iso bus)
  • Control instrumentation monitoring (agri applications)
  • Project in English

Second Trimester (Dec-Feb) – Italy

Performances & tests
  • Soil mechanics (Theoretical and practical knowledge)
  • Data acquiring and analysis (sensors choose and position, acquisition, analysis)
  • Agricultural Machine homologation (Mother regulation, oecd tests, rops, fops)
  • Project follow up

Third Trimester (March-May) – France

Use & robotics

  • Agritobotics/hydraulics (agriobotics and/or agrihydraulics)
  • Connection tractor agri machines
  • Precision farming
  • Project follow up

Fourth Trimester (June-Aug)


Entry Requirements

Higher Education French Level III (European Qualifications Framework level 5) in a compatible field:

Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent ) in the field of Science and Technology : mathematics, physics, biological science, earth sciences, computer science, electronics, automatics, mechanics, civil engineering, engineering sciences.

Students’ applications with compatible Vocational Degrees will also be considered, particularly:

  • Agronomy
  • Crop production
  • Livestock productions
  • Trade and distribution
  • Marketing products
  • Maintenance and technology (except medical and biomedical technology)
  • Energy and propulsion
  • Electronics professions
  • Industrial mechanics, mechatronics and robotics
  • Professions in instrumentation, measurement and quality control
  • Construction industry, Civil engineering.
  • Automated systems, networks and industrial computing

Training is also open to holders of a two-year Degree with professional or personal experience that can lead to a validation of prior experience.


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