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Publications :
- Modelling nanoparticles formation in the plasma plume induced by nanosecond pulsed lasers
logo pdfM. Girault, L.Hallo, L. Lavisse, C. Marco de Lucas, D. Hebert, V. Potin, J.M. Jouvard
Applied Surface Science (2012)
- In-situ small-angles x-ray scattering study of nanoparticles in the plasma plume induced by pulsed induced by pulsed laser irradiation of metallic targets
logo pdfL. Lavisse, J.L. Le Garrec, L. Hallo, J.-M. Jouvard, S. Carles, J. Perez, J. B.A. Mitchell, M. Girault, V. Potin, H. Andrzejeweski, M. C. Marco de Lucas, and S. Bourgeois
Applied Physics Letter 100, 164103 (2012)
- Multiphysical modeling of dissimilar welding via interlayer
logo pdfI.Tomashchuk, P. Sallamand, J.M. Jouvard
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 211 (11), p.1796-1803 (2011)
- Laser plasma plume structure and dynamics in the ambient air: the early stage of expansion
logo pdfM. Cirisan, J.M. Jouvard, L. Lavisse, L. Hallo, R. Oltra
Journal of Applied Physics, 109 (10), 103301, 17 pages (2011)
- The simulation of morphology of dissimilar copper-steel electron beam welds using evel set method
logo pdfI.Tomashchuk, P. Sallamand, J.M. Jouvard, D.Grevey
Computational Materials Science, 48 (4), p.827-836 (2010)
- Influence of laser-target interaction regime on composition and properties of surface layers grown by laser treatment of Ti plates
logo pdfL. Lavisse, P. Berger, M. Cirisan, J.M. Jouvard, S. Bourgeois, MC. Marco de Lucas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42 (24), 245303 (2009)
- Study of surface layers and ejected powder formed by oxidation of titanium substrates with a pulsed Nd:YAG laser beam
logo pdfI. Shupyk, L. Lavisse, J.-M. Jouvard, M.C. Marco de Lucas, S. Bourgeois, F. Herbst, J.-Y. Piquemal, F. Bozon-Verduraz
Applied Surface Science, Volume 255(8), pp. 5574-5578 (2009)
- Growth of titanium oxynitride layers by short pulsed Nd:YAG laser treatment of Ti plates: influence of the cumulated laser fluence
logo pdfL.Lavisse, M.C. Sahour, J.M Jouvard, G. Pillon, M.C. Marco de Lucas, S. Bourgeois, D. Grevey
Applied Surface Science, Volume 255(10), pp. 5515-5518 (2009)
- Insertion of oxygen in titanium subtrate during a Nd: YAG pulsed laser treatment in argon-oxygen mixtures, L. Lavisse, J.M. Jouvard, P. Berger, J. C. Kneip, J.P. Gallien, C. Langlade, D. Grevey, 15th French-Polish Seminar on Reactivity of Solids, Annales de Chimie - Science des Matériaux, Vol.33 n°Suppl.1, 91-98 (2008)
- Optimisation of TA6V alloy surface laser texturing using an experimental design approach
logo pdfA. Soveja, E. Cicală, D. Grevey, J.M. Jouvard,
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Volume 46 (9), pp.671-678 (2008)
- The application of the random balance method in laser machining of metals
logo pdfE. Cicală, A. Soveja, P. Sallamand, D. Grevey, J.M. Jouvard
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 196 (1-3), pp.s 393-401(2008)
- The influence of laser power and repetition rate on oxygen and nitrogen insertion into titanium using pulsed Nd:YAG laser irradiation
logo pdfL. Lavisse, J.M. Jouvard, J.P. Gallien, P. Berger, D. Grevey, Ph. Naudy
Applied Surface Science, 2007, vol. 254, pp. 916-920
- Pulsed laser growth and characterization of thin films on titanium substrates
logo pdfL. Lavisse, J.M. Jouvard, L. Imhoff, O. Heintz, J. Korntheuer, C. Langlade, S. Bourgeois, M.C. Marco de lucas
Applied Surface Science, 2007, vol. 253, pp. 8226-823024
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- Intensities of Methane in the 3-5 mm Region Revisited
logo pdfL.Ferard, J.P.Champion, J.M. Jouvard, L.R.Brown, A.S.Pine
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 2000, Vol.201, pp. 83-94
- Modelling of deep penetration laser welding: Application to the cw Nd:YAG laser welding of X5Cr.Ni.18-10, E.Dumord, J.M. Jouvard, D.Grevey, Laser in Engineering , 1999, Vol. 9, pp.1-21
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- Methane and its isotopes: Curent status ans prospects for improvement
logo pdfL.R. Brown, J.S.Margolis, J.P.Champion, J.C.Hilico, J.M. Jouvard
J.Quant.Spectrosc. Radiat.Transfert, 1992, Vol.48(5/6)
- Preliminary analysis of the pentad of 13CH4 from Raman and infrared spectra : Observation with laser sidebands
logo pdfJ.M. Jouvard, B.Lavorel, J.P.Champion, L.R.Brown
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 1991, Vol.150, pp. 201-217
- 29SiH4 and 30SiH4: Dipole Moment Parameters of the n2/n4 Dyad of XY4 from Stark effect. : Observation with laser sidebands
logo pdfH.Prinz, W.A.Kreiner, M.Loete, J.M. Jouvard
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 1989, Vol.138, pp. 30-38